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Long-term projects, continuous development , or extending your tecnical team

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Get a dedicated team of experience engineers to work solely on your project, ensuring smooth integration with your existing systems and delivering consistent, high-quality results.


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Specific projects with defined deliverables and timelines.

How it works

Tell us about your project, and we'll deliver a complete solution on time with expert skills and efficiency. No long-term contracts required.

Existing Project

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Projects requiring new management or recovery

How it works

Our engineers can jump in and help you successfully complete your existing projects, bringing new ideas and perspectives to the table.

Small Tasks

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Immediate, short-term technical tasks or troubleshooting.

How it works

Free up your time and tackle those pesky tasks instantly with our on-demand experts.

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  • Dedicated Team

Long-Term, Ongoing Projects


Broad and Evolving


  • Project-Based

Defined Projects With Clear Goals




  • Project Takeover

Off-track projects


(Existing Project)


  • Small Tasks

Immediate, Minor Needs

Very Low

Very Specific


Testimonial and success stories

Hear from our clients about how KVY TECH has transformed their businesses

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A strong and trustworthy software development partner. Technical experience, open communication, and the dedication & work ethic of the team. They accommodated our existing practices and embedded them well into our culture.

Shawn Vo

Shawn Vo

Co-Founder & CTO


We’ve built some amazing things with KVY TECH. And then we’ve also augmented them. It’s been a wonderful journey and, like, I just want to give a shout out to the whole team for like a fantastic job, really enjoy working for you guys.

Daniel Chua

Daniel Chua

Co-founder COO


The entire team at KVY Tech has been amazing business partner who understands our vision and helps us turn it into reality. They have been with us from the start to the final MVP, providing expert guidance, innovative solutions, and reliable support along the way.

Dennis Chan

Dennis Chan

Managing Director


Project mangement & communication were done very professionally and kept me in the loop of their progress every week. I would definitely highly recommend anyone who seek professional software support and development to loon for KVY in term of their excellent service and competitive rates.

Essay Toh

Essay Toh


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