KVY Tech is a web and mobile app development agency. We’re the partner of choice for startups and SMEs from Singapore and Australia. We help businesses elevate their values by transforming traditional operations into digitized platforms.  



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Our story

As tech becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, businesses are searching for the right partner to help them meet their digital transformation goals. Unfortunately, many of these partnerships fail due to unrealistic promises and hefty prices that leave organizations feeling taken advantage of.

The digital transformation of businesses is a critical milestone in their growth journey, yet they often struggle to find the right technical partner that can meet both their expectations and budget.

Look no further for the perfect technical partner! With more than a decade of experience, we have crafted our special tech stacks that make developing software quick and cost-friendly. Our past projects prove why you don’t need expertise or worry about partnering with us—we deliver exactly what businesses promise without draining resources.

Let’s join forces and bring those big ideas into reality together now!

Why Choose Us?

While there are many reasons to work with KVY TECH, here we present the four fundamental principles and qualities that define our culture and make our company stand out

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

We build web platforms and mobile apps in matter of weeks.

Responsive Communication
Responsive Communication

Daily communication to align the team, clarify the requirements, and resolve any issues.

Flexible Solutions
Flexible Solutions

Our solutions is not only simple but also extensible for future needs or requirements.

Lean Process
Lean Process

Robust and lean process help us confident to deliver projects on time.

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Your Partner for
Software Innovation

KVY Tech is a technology consultancy based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We help startups and SMEs drive digital innovation fast by optimizing software development processes. Our mission is to provide the best possible value for our clients, through the use of cutting-edge technology and an unwavering focus on quality.