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Why modernization a legacy application

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Outdated systems often lock automation capabilities, leading to manual tasks and inefficiencies. A study by McKinsey found that automating repetitive tasks con improve productivity by up to 80%

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Legacy systems are often vulnerable to cyberattacks due to outdated security features and unpatched vulnerabilities. A report by IBM revealed that the average cost of a doto breach in 2023 $4.35 million.

Reduced Costs and Maintenance

Maintaining and supporting legacy systems can be expensive due to a shrinking pool of skilled developers and limited vendor support. Modern applications often require less maintenance and can leverage cloud-based solutions for cost optimization

Legacy app modernization services

Cloud migration
Cloud migration

We help businesses move application to the cloud, saving on costs, launching faster, and adopting modern architectures for greater business value. We also find the perfect cloud solution tailored to your specific needs.

UI/UX modernization
UI/UX modernization

We bring your products into the modern age with user-centered UI/UX redesigns. We focus on clear information architecture, responsive design for all devices, and the latest design trends to create engaging experiences that boost your business value.

Infrastructure modernization
Infrastructure modernization

Boost your business agility and efficiency with our infrastructure modernization solutions. We leverage cloud migration, containers, CI/CD, and DevOps to reduce IT costs, streamline product development, and create a scalable, reliable ID infrastructure for remote access and guaranteed uptime.

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How We Work

Get your customer software to the market in just 3 months.

Discovery & Assessment

Assess current state and build a plan to update, considering both short-term and long-term benefits for your business.


We find the best way to move your legacy apps to the cloud, often using a simple approach that minimizes changes to your software.


We clean up and improve your messy code to make it run faster and easier to fix problems.

24/7 Managed services

Our 24/7 support keeps your apps healthy and ready to scale up whenever you need them.

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A strong and trustworthy software development partner. Technical experience, open communication, and the dedication & work ethic of the team. They accommodated our existing practices and embedded them well into our culture.

Shawn Vo

Shawn Vo

Co-Founder & CTO


We’ve built some amazing things with KVY TECH. And then we’ve also augmented them. It’s been a wonderful journey and, like, I just want to give a shout out to the whole team for like a fantastic job, really enjoy working for you guys.

Daniel Chua

Daniel Chua

Co-founder COO


The entire team at KVY Tech has been amazing business partner who understands our vision and helps us turn it into reality. They have been with us from the start to the final MVP, providing expert guidance, innovative solutions, and reliable support along the way.

Dennis Chan

Dennis Chan

Managing Director


Project mangement & communication were done very professionally and kept me in the loop of their progress every week. I would definitely highly recommend anyone who seek professional software support and development to loon for KVY in term of their excellent service and competitive rates.

Essay Toh

Essay Toh


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