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IOT dev service
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Internet of Things
Development Services

KVY Tech provides comprehensive IoT services and solutions to help your business reach out effectively. From telecom, IT, financial services to a system of hardware linked with the internet that collects data – we have you covered! Leverage our cutting-edge technology for next level customer interactions in this new digital age.

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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. By leveraging powerful analytics, automation and predictive systems, we’re able to help enterprises streamline their processes for improved productivity and compliance monitoring in real-time! Our top-notch applications can analyse data from multiple sources, allowing manufacturers to keep an eye on inventory mix impacts across vital metrics such as delivery time, work progressiveness and material cost – all while boosting operational profits.

Industrial IoT
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Smart Home

Automation is the way of life, and with our ultimate in-home living experience, we bring you there. Take control of your comfort zone through voice commands or iOS/Android apps to monitor switches, set alarms for sensors & locks, adjust thermostats – even review videos from indoor security cameras! Our lifestyle solutions make home automation a breeze, so sit back and enjoy the future – today.

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IoT Solutions for Retail

Smart devices and the Internet of Things are revolutionizing retail operations as they empower retailers to create a more effortless customer experience. Utilising IoT technology in store allows businesses to optimise energy consumption, prevent shoplifting, help customers navigate stores easily, and engage with them directly – enabling an elevated shopping journey that drives conversions.

Iot for Retail
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