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The ultimate guide to hiring company doing app development in Singapore 2023 Mobile APP 2

The ultimate guide to hiring company doing app development in Singapore 2023

You want to create a mobile app for your firm but are struggling to implement complex features. Let a mobile app development company assist you in resolving this problem. However, you must carefully choose a partner agency to ensure that the project outcomes are exactly what you want and save time/ cost. In this article, we will learn about hiring a company doing app development in Singapore.

1. Factors affecting the cost when building an app

A fully featured mobile application does not have set pricing. It is defined by the company’s particular demands and the services/products it offers. However, some of the following crucial criteria will significantly impact app development in Singapore expenses:

1.1 Technology stack

One of the most important aspects of mobile app development in Singapore is the technological stack, which affects the entire cost of the project. The following mobile app frameworks are now available: 

  • Native Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Cross-Platform Apps

1.2 Choosing a platform

For a while, the market has been dominated by two players: Android and iOS. It may be able to cut costs if your company just focuses on a single platform and develops native apps for that platform.

1.3 Technology using

Depending on the technology used, the application developer requires different specialized knowledge. And this will increase the cost of app development in Singapore. If you require uncommon languages, you’ll have to spend more to find someone who can build for you.

1.4 Short time frame

The cost of designing an app is determined by the number of hours necessary to complete it. If you have a strict time limit, a provider will be able to meet it by allocating additional developers. As a result, if you need the job done in a shorter timeframe than intended, it will cost significantly more.

1.5 UX/UI Designs

The user-friendly interface is also a huge cost determinant. Compared to an interface that is too complicated and messy, the simplicity and uniqueness still saves quite a bit of money

1.6 Features and Complexity

The price will be proportional to the features and complexity of the application. The more advanced your app requires, the more money you spend.

1.7 Security Requirements

Today, users are very important to information security, especially applications that ask to provide personal information. If you want to attract more users, you need to pay for the secure data feature.

1.8 App Development Team Location

The site of the professional team is the primary determinant of mobile app development in Singapore costs. Partnering with companies that are close to the Singapore time zone will make it easier to communicate and manage the process. You should also look for an agency that has experience working with Singaporean clients that will offer a more reasonable price for the market here.

1.9 Backend functionality 

The more functional the backend page, the higher the price. Some enterprises prefer to integrate new methods for measuring and evaluating performance and consumer behavior. The admin page will require additional functionality at that point, hence the cost will rise as well.

2. Costs of building various apps in Singapore

2.1 Informative Mobile Apps

This is definitely one of the most basic forms of apps that can be created. They often do not connect to the server and only display information. This type of app development in Singapore will cost between SGD$13,370 and SGD$53,480.

2.2 Productivity Apps

This type of application requires no user interaction. The only thing they do is store and synchronize data between devices. Because of its simplicity, the price is only about SGD$20,055 – SGD$66,850.

2.3 Utility Marketplace/ Travel Apps

These are service booking applications such as Grab Food, Uber, Deliveroo, Skyscanner. These apps are a bit more complicated to build because they require authentication, mapping, billing, and connecting the user to the provider. Therefore, the price is slightly higher than the previous two, ranging from SGD$26,740 to SGD$120,330 depending on the feature details.

2.4 Lifestyle Apps

Some applications, such as healthy living guidelines and fitness training, are designed to assist users in bettering their lives. This category also includes dating apps that assist in strengthening relationships. The price is between SGD$26,740 and SGD$160,440 depending on the features and AI algorithms applied.

2.5 Gaming Apps

The gaming application has grown in recent years, contributing to more than 30% of the mobile market share and being one of the highest-grossing applications. Obviously, these forms of app development in Singapore are not easy to create. Developing a simple 2D game will cost between SGD$106,960 and SGD$200,550. And developing 3D games will cost between SGD$200,550 and SGD$668,500.

2.6 Social Media Apps

With features like creating accounts, uploading photos and videos, sending messages, and allowing interaction with others, these apps are complex and can cost between SGD$53,480 and SGD$133,700 to develop in Singapore.

2.7 E-Commerce Apps

A common e-commerce application would be for a store to create its own platform for selling its items. This is excellent for brand building and client retention. These apps often include product, cart, and checkout filters, with development prices ranging from SGD$20,055 to SGD$80,220.

2.8 Enterprise Apps

Large corporations use this type of application to manage operations or workers. A basic application like this will cost between SGD$26,740 and SGD$66,850 to create. Nevertheless, if the software is utilized for account administration, securely storing documents, and managing several internal procedures, the cost could potentially exceed SGD$200,550.

3. Costs of mobile app development approaches in Singapore

3.1 Building an in-house team

An internal team to operate well needs at least one Project Manager (PM), one Mobile Application Developer, one UX Designer.

The average of mobile app developer Singapore salary is SGD$47,457 per year, or SGD$3,955 per month, according to Payscale (updated on 12 Dec 202). A project manager makes SGD$6,590 per month, and a UX designer makes SGD$4,145 per month. For one month, such a team costs SGD$14,690. This is primarily a people investment, with no fixed fees such as office space or equipment expenditure. Moreover, in order for the internal team to function well, they must spend one to two months familiarizing themselves with everything before starting work on the project. As a result, the company may spend two or three times the initial required capital..

3.2 Hiring a freelance mobile application developer

It is not difficult to find app developer singapore cost listing on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr/Upwork, starting from SGD$10 to SGD$50. Consequently, the overall cost for a basic website might vary from SGD$800 to SGD$4000. If you need exceptional local app developers with years of expertise, the cost might range from SGD$5200 to $8,000. And for these expenses, it is going to be a very simple app and does not have any outstanding features. 

3.3 Hiring a company provides app development in Singapore

In Singapore, there are now several outsourced service companies providing a variety of prices for intricate packages. If it is a basic, social media, e-commerce, or shopping app, the price ranges from SGD$10,000 to SGD$50,000. Charges for a feature-rich or gaming app will vary between SGD$80,000 and SGD$100,000 depending on functionality.

4. How to choose the right agency doing mobile app development in Singapore?

To create a superb mobile app, you should seek both local and international mobile app development businesses that provide value at reasonable pricing. Hundreds of companies providing mobile app development in Singapore are eager to serve worldwide clients from a variety of sectors. Therefore, if you don’t know what qualities you prefer in them, the selection process might be perplexing. Some advice provided below will assist you in making the best option.

4.1 Selecting a partner with suitable skills 

Choosing the right person with experience in the field you want to develop an app will make you feel more secure when you want to have long-term cooperation. In addition, you should also be interested in companies that can easily adapt to your business’s changing requirements.

4.2 Reviewing their portfolio 

You need to check their portfolio to see what tools and technologies they are using for the projects they have and are working on. If their portfolio mentions a project available on the Google Play Store or Apple, try downloading it to see how it looks and works.

4.3 Searching for a Field Leader

You should not just look for the company that completes what you assign. Finding companies with experience to advise you on new features that appeal to users based on their experience. Costs may be higher, but in return your application can stay up to date and relevant in today’s competitive market.

4.4 Focusing on quality

Always choose a partner supporting app development in Singapore with the motto “you get what you pay for”. Do not waste your time on cheap options, because you will most likely end up with disastrous results for your money.

4.5 Seeking a Long-Term Relationship

Finding a company that can work with you for a long time to develop an app is something you must definitely consider. Any application after a period of time needs to update and change features to suit user tastes. You will always need the support of your chosen agency doing mobile app development in Singapore throughout the life of your app.

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5. Why should choose an outsourcing company in Vietnam?

While Eastern Europe, China, and India tend to be the top destinations for outsourcing software development solutions, Vietnam has also progressively proven itself as an emerging force in this sector. 

From 2014 to 2019, Vietnam’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector grew at a 9.8% annual rate.Vietnam has surpassed other major BPO destinations, particularly China, to become the next Asia Pacific’s IT hotspot. Currently, each year Vietnam trains more than 400,000 information technology engineers. With a favorable geographical position, Vietnam has always become a potential partner working in the field of app development in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Outsourcing costs $20,000 per person in Vietnam against $40,000 per person in India. 

These statistics are compelling enough to position Vietnam as the leading potential candidate for overseas development projects. 

6. The difference between KVYTECH and other agencies supporting app development in Singapore?

No matter what form of customized application development outsourcing services you desire, KVY Tech – top mobile app developer in Singapore can provide and fulfill your needs perfectly. 

KVY Tech is a top android and ios app development outsourcing firm located in Ho Chi Minh City with over ten years of IT industry expertise. As a digital firm, we believe that choosing the proper team and applying the appropriate processes and technologies are essential for project success. KVY Tech specializes in designing unique apps for both the iPhone and Android.

Creating applications for mobile devices is a growing trend, so if you have an idea for an app but don’t know how to implement it, share your thoughts with us so we can collaborate!

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavor to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions and help digitize your own business.

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